What is Afterpay and how can it work for you?

Author: Jeff   Date Posted:15 May 2015 

What is Afterpay and how does it work.


Can't afford the entire payment upfront but you need it now? Don't worry, You can get it today on Afterpay!

Afterpay makes it easier to pay by spreading the cost of the purchase to four equal payments over 60 days.

There are absolutely no catches.


How does it work.

At present it is set to orders $50-$750.  You simply log into your account and proceed to place your items in your Cart.  Once you have completed this and moved to the checkout page and selected your post or pick up, you then select Afterpay as the payment method.  This will then take you to the afterpay website where you sign up with your credit card or bank details for the first installment to be taken out.  After that the installments will be taken out over 60 days.  If you are using Direct debit as your chosen method your limit is set at $500, however if using a credit card your limit is the full $750.


Can you order using afterpay now?



Can I get something more expensive on Afterpay.

Not yet.  Very soon this will become available but it will also depend on your personal credit score as well. 

Why was I denied?

When you do your afterpay order you will need 25% of the order total in your account when you make an application.  If you dont have this much money in your account it will be denied.  So placing the order on your payday is the best option, that way 2 weeks later on payday the first amount is debited.


If you have any more questions on this please dont hesitate to call us on 07 3255 5811.

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After pay

29 December 2015
Best idea ever :)

No after pay option?

20 June 2015
why when we check out is there no after pay option??

www.powerslideracing.com.au Response
There was a few issues and our website privider had turned the system off, however it should be working again.

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